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Paleo Powder

Paleo Powder

Here at Paleo Powder, we're on a mission to make paleo living healthy, flavourful, and easy! Certified paleo and whole30 approved foods. 

Our story begins with a love for Texas football, and an even greater passion for Texas BBQ. Our founder, Dustin Gersch, developed Paleo Powder after undergoing a life-changing transformation. After years of unhealthy eating habits, Dustin gained a significant amount of weight forcing him to re-evaluate his eating habits. In the search for a healthier diet, Dustin found the paleo lifestyle and began to achieve his goal of dropping fat while gaining muscle, and most importantly while enjoying Texas BBQ. Inspired by his love of Texas BBQ, Dustin began to create healthier recipes that would fall into his new lifestyle--and Paleo Powder was brought to life. At Paleo Powder, we created our products to provide customers with more grain-free and diet-friendly products that add flavour and texture. Our products are designed to make home cooking healthy, easy, convenient, and to support your dietary restrictions/lifestyle. With Paleo Powder, you can enjoy your favourite foods again, junk-free. Paleo Powder offers grain-free alternatives for breading that are versatile, tasty and free of harmful ingredients, perfect for baking or air-frying. Our goal is to provide our home cooks with an all-in-one product that adds the perfect flavour and/or texture to any food. We keep our products free of added sugars, GMOs, grains, gluten, and other junk that you don’t want and most certainly do not need. All of our products are certified paleo, Whole30 approved and full of authentic Texan flavour! Our all-natural spices and herbs are non-irradiated and free of anti-caking agents, artificial colours and MSG. At Paleo Powder, we make a healthy and flavourful paleo lifestyle possible and flavourful. With Paleo Powder, you’ll never eat boring food ever again!