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It’s time to grab your favourite baking ingredients and hit the kitchen!

Fill your kitchen with the mouth-watering aroma of warm cookies, cakes, cheesy breads and more! We’ve got baking ingredients for every type of baked good! Whether you’re just looking for basic baking ingredients like baking powder, gluten-free flour, cacao powder, gluten-free oats, peanut butter, coconut oil, or for something a bit more beginner-friendly, we’ve got it all! 

Feel free to choose a baking mix or to bake from scratch with our baking ingredients! We are confident that it will taste amazing! If you’re not feeling like baking from scratch, we’ve got baking mixes for all types of cravings including, keto and paleo-friendly baking mixes for brownies, vanilla cake, chocolate cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, pizza crusts and more!

And, if baking chocolate is your preferred form of love, then get ready to feel the love because we’ve got more baking chocolate than you can imagine! Now the question is, what type of chocolate lover are you? Trick question. All chocolate deserves some love, so we got them all for you; semi-sweet, milk, dark, whiteketo chocolate, and vegan chocolate are all available in both a chocolate bar and in chocolate chip form! And to top it off, we even got vegan white chocolate!

And, don’t think we’ve forgotten about savoury goods! We’ve got savoury baking mixes and savoury baking ingredients too! 

So get your holiday baking on...or your Saturday night on. No matter what day it is, we’re positive that you can find an occasion for baking. And, you won’t have to worry about your diet because we’ve got healthy baking ingredients to suit every diet. Best of all, you can get all your baking ingredients online on our site!