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Pretzilla is decimating those buildings–wait, we’re thinking of that big dinosaur, we meant to say that Pretzilla is dominating those charts with their always soft and delicious pretzel buns and breads!

Pretzilla has become America’s number #1 soft pretzel bread and bun company and we can sure see why! Made with no artificial flavors or colors, their vegan friendly pretzel buns and breads are made with a passion for bread baking since its creation in 1923, and that passion carries Pretzilla to this day when making their pretzel buns and breads. 



Pretzilla’s soft pretzel buns and breads are vegan friendly and made with non-GMO, high quality ingredients that’ll keep you satisfied! Chewy, soft and delicious since Pretzilla’s humble beginnings all the way back in 1923!