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Sonoma Creamery

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High-quality, care, and one simple goal, that is the Sonoma Creamery way. What started in 1931, from a love of the Sonoma wine country, quickly became a growing and expanding concept. Sonoma Creamery believes in simple things, like making snacks produced from the highest quality milk to produce just as high-quality cheese. Their core values and commitment to providing you with the best product that they can produce outweighs everything else. In 2014, they began to make their well-known cheese crisps. Baked, never fried. They are always sure to make products with ingredients that you can pronounce. You won’t find any added preservatives or artificial ingredients, only natural and great-tasting cheese.

Along with delicious and wholesome products, Sonoma Creamery is sure to provide a thorough pass of both equipment and food safety when they make their products. They want to be extra sure that crunch and taste are intact every time! All of their cheese-centric products are gluten-free and high in protein. Try their cheese crisps on their own, on a charcuterie board, with some dip, or with crudités (a veggie tray). Sonoma Creamery also packages its products carefully to ensure resealability and freshness. These packages make it easier to take a tasty snack on-the-go.