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The Better Brand

The Better Brand

It’s time to feel the freedom of loving what you’re eating and feeling amazing with The Better Brand and their high protein, low carb, vegan friendly bagels! Start your day off loving what you’re eating and feeling great with these handcrafted breakfast bagels!

The Better Brand is graining traction as the brand that’s transforming the most carb heavy of foods into the least, and paving the way into making a better future of food as they’re on an endless mission to create foods that have no compromises or barriers. The Better Brand is focused on foods for everyone to enjoy with no exceptions, just food freedom, because what you eat shouldn’t be complicated, and you shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting to indulge on what you like! 

The Better Brand isn’t just a food tech company, they came to be and was founded on impactful yet simple ideas wherein everyone should be able to enjoy life to the fullest, and that includes making the right choices about foods and getting the most out of what you eat. 

Say goodbye to those limitations and boundaries set on the food game and needing permission in indulging in the pleasure of food, and say hello to a protein rich, lower carb, delicious alternative to your morning breakfast so you can start your days on the right foot! It’s time to start loving breakfast bagels again with The Better Brand!


Fully indulge yourself during breakfast again with The Better Brand! Packed with protein and made with less carbs, these bagels are keto-friendly and vegan. Designed and handcrafted in California, The Better Brand bagels are the perfect way to start your day!