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Zazubean is dedicated to making ethical chocolates that's also delicious and nutritious! Keto-friendly, paleo-friendly and vegan, Zazubean only uses fair trade and organic ingredients. 

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At Zazubean, we believe that if it is good for the growers, then it must be good for the planet and us! Our story begins after a biking trip along the coast of British Columbia, Canada. During the trip, our preferred source of energy was, you guessed it, chocolate! And, after a thorough conversation with our peers, we noticed that the world was lacking an ethically made chocolate that's healthy, insanely nutritious and delicious! So, we immediately got to brainstorming and explored places that chocolate had never been before to create Zazubean! We created our chocolate to be keto-friendly, paleo-friendly and vegan so that it can always be part of a healthy, active lifestyle. We also wanted our chocolate to support our planet and everyone on it, so we knew that we had to use fair trade and organic ingredients in our chocolate bars! And, we didn’t stop there! We pushed a little bit further and made our chocolate bars low in sugar and high in fibre, so there’d be no intense sugar spikes around here. We put it all together and created what the world was missing, chocolate that is good for the planet, growers and you!