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Blue Dinosaur

Blue Dinosaur

Everybody move outta the way because Blue Dinosaurs are taking over the world as we know it! With benefits as big as these primordial beasts, you can feel just as great and powerful as a dinosaur!

Blue Dinosaur bars came to be from a wanting thought that the founder had on a rock climbing trip when his bag was filled with chicken breast and walnuts for energy and protein. He thought to himself that there simply had to be an easier and better way to to live and eat healthy without the myriad of food prep and always thinking five meals ahead of schedule to stay on top of things. He realized that living healthy didn’t have to have so many stopgaps and compromises when he could just get all those essential ingredients and blend them up together for easier travel. He continued making his concoctions until he had himself a little nugget of goodness which he decided to bring to his local gym for his community to try and they were a smashing success! Fast forward and Blue Dinosaur came to be a prominent figurehead in the healthy and convenient food world by using nothing but the best of ingredients out there.



Blue Dinosaur date bars are gluten free, plant based snack bars made with non-GMO ingredients that you can take anywhere life takes you! Perfect for those with a paleo lifestyle, these bars may be small but they pack a big punch of flavor! With classic flavors like cinnamon roll and cheesecake, you can have a treat that’s great tasting and great for you!