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Frankie's Organic

Frankie's Organic

Frankie’s Organic is a family owned business that believes there is such a thing as both delicious and healthy snacking, and it shows in every one of their organic, gluten-free, oven-baked snacks!
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Frankie’s Organic was named after Francesco, a grandfather to the founders of Frankie’s Organic who owned a small but meaningful farm in Quebec where he raised his cattle and grew crops the only way he knew how; the right way. Throughout their youth, their grandfather would bring them up to his farm where he showed them what eating great quality food meant, and as time went on, they decided, using their grandfather’s teachings, to create something that carries his message, and thus Frankie’s Organic was born! To this day, Francesco’s teachings are still going strong with every product of the Frankie’s Organic line in that every product is delicious that you’ll want more without feeling the snacking guilt, as it’s a better-for-you, organically made snack that not only tastes great but feels great to eat too!



Frankie’s Organic oven baked, gluten-free puffs are organically made with nothing but the best and most nutrient-dense ingredients on the market! Made in five delicious flavors ranging from spicy jalapeno puffs to sweet potato churro fries, enjoy indulgence with no guilt with Frankie’s Organic snacks!