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Dr. Kellyann

Dr. Kellyann

Dr. Kellyann’s not just a doctor, she’s also the creator of what is known as the bone broth revolution, which explores all the fundamental benefits that having a daily dose of bone broth and bone broth based products can do for your diet and lifestyle!

Dr. Kellyann, renowned author of a myriad of books about all the great and healing properties of bone broth, has been coined the creator of the Bone Broth Revolution and we’re happy to share that she has brought that knowledge to the chilly north! Dr. Kellyann believes that bone broth is more than just a soup, more than a broth, it’s healing and one of the oldest medicinal foods known in the world. After years of research and studying biological medicine in the Marion Foundation and Paracelsus Clinic, Switzerland, Dr. Kellyann came to learn about the full potential of bone broth and collagen and how it can support gut health among other benefits that can support someone’s livelihood and thus went on her journey to publish her works, books, and also create products that maintain this key message! To this day, the bone broth revolution is going strong and Dr. Kellyann’s products are continuing to take the world by storm!



Dr. Kellyann’s no cream creamy mushroom condensed soup with bone broth is just what the doctor ordered! Paleo and keto friendly, this delicious, savory bone broth based no-cream mushroom soup is dense with nutrients and great taste!