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Welcome to the world of Flow. Where the water is smooth, the taste is pure, and the carbon footprint is small.

Flow is here to help you get your drink on without breaking the bank—or the environment.


What started as an idea from founder Nicholas Reichenbach, who saw discarded plastic water bottles in his post-Burning Man haze, has grown into a company that aims to provide naturally alkaline spring water in a sustainable way. Flow wants to help you make a difference with your daily hydration routine by offering water that tastes good and does good. 

Our water is sourced from artesian springs, giving it a pure and refreshing taste that'll quench your thirst like no other. But we don't stop there.We take sustainability seriously, which is why we are committed to sustainable packaging that minimizes our carbon footprint and ensures that every sip you take is guilt-free. At Flow, we believe the water we drink matters - to our bodies, our communities, and the planet. Join us in making a difference, one sip at a time!