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Are you ready to take your dishes to the next level? Well let’s Fly on by Jing’s because they’ve got the flyest sauces and oils to top on any dish for any occasion, that is, if you can handle a little bit of heat! With authentic flavors and real good heat, Fly By Jing’s is the perfect thing to spice up your life!

Founded in 2018 by Jing, who proudly reclaimed her birth name after going by Jenny for many years, Fly By Jing’s story is a personal one filled with the love of cuisine from her hometown, Chengdu, and the hole-in-the-wall restaurants within that attracted people all over like flies, hence the namesake of her company: Fly By Jing!


While there are figments of inspiration from these soulfully rich eateries, Fly By Jing’s products don’t conform to anyone else’s values or traditions, these carefully made products are of one person’s vision and story; Jing’s! So when you’re enjoying the taste of these delectably rich and flavorful sauces and oils, you’re tasting a Jing’s world of personal flavors that she’d worked so hard to breathe life into! Fly By Jing’s products tells the story of a young woman who worked her heart out to bring about Chengdu-inspired flavors to your table top and dishes!


Jing’s mission with her company and products is to strike up a conversation and powerful dialogue so that anyone can discover a world of new and exciting tastes because everyone deserves a place at the table and to find new and exciting ways to spice up their dishes!




Fly By Jing’s plant-based products are the perfect, spicy accompaniment to any dish. From dumplings to meats and vegetables, you’ll find yourself drizzling their oils onto everything for that extra kick of spice and to bring forth a richer flavour to your foods! With less sugar than conventional chili oils, you don’t need to hold back from these vegan chili oils!