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Welcome to Kove, where sustainable snacking is the way to go! This innovative snack line is made with iodine dense seaweed that’s cultivated from the clear blue waters of the Pacific Ocean!

Say hello to snacking with a purpose with Kove Ocean Foods snacks, where healthy and innovative snacking has no compromises, just pure ocean goodness without the artificial ingredients! At Kove, they believe that the future is ocean farming and with snacks and spices made from a powerhouse, nutrient dense, sustainable crop; seaweed that’s grown in the Pacific Ocean, they are working towards changing the way you snack, mitigating climate change and addressing food security one seaweed at a time! 

Kove is committed to expanding their knowledge in how to perfect their cultivation of this climate positive plant and how overall health and vitality can be improved with their seaweed products grown in the pristine waters of British Columbia. Kove’s Cascadia seaweed, which is becoming one of the largest North American providers of ocean cultivated seaweed, requires no freshwater or fertilizer and utilizes all the nutrients that the sea provides! 

Rich in nutrients like iodine and iron, and dense with antioxidants, Kove integrates Cascadia seaweed into a daily diet with their high protein puffs and delicious spices so you can get a healthy boost in those minerals in an easy and convenient way! 


Kove Ocean Foods are a snack with a purpose! Their products are plant based, vegan friendly and are made with seaweed; the world’s most sustainable and climate friendly crop.