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Ready to live life a little sweeter? Introducing LOVO’s Swiss-made, creamy and delicious milk chocolate bars made entirely from plants milk for a dairy-free vegan milk chocolate bar!

There’s a lot to lov-o about LOVO’s swiss-made plant based, milk chocolate! Plant based milk chocolate, you ask? Yes! Using milk from plant milks as a bse for their decadent, delicious chocolate bars, LOVO’s chocolate bars are made with the help of chocolatiers in Switzerland, the home of the classic milk chocolate! LOVO has reimagined the classic dairy milk chocolates by using milks from plants like almond and coconut while still maintaining that same creamy and velvety texture that dairy milk chocolates are known for!  



LOVO’s swiss-made chocolates are made with milks from plants like almond, coconut, hazelnut and oat milk! Vegan and plant based, now you can enjoy chocolate in a brand new, and lovo-ly way!