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Iron Vegan

Iron Vegan

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Founded in 2015, Iron Vegan has been making it possible for vegans and those who are plant-based, to make easy and health-conscious choices. When it comes to food, snacks, and supplements, Iron Vegan wants to make the choice as simple as possible (and as tasty as possible). Never again will you be stuck with boring or bad-tasting plant-based food, now with Iron Vegan, you can look forward to clean, real, and great-tasting products!

Eating vegan and plant-based is anything but a fad and Iron Vegan understands this. It’s a choice, a movement. Iron Vegan never wants to make you feel like you’re compromising your beliefs, that’s why each Iron Vegan product is free from artificial flavours and sweeteners, dyes, and GMOs. Everything is also all-natural and made from foods that you can find at your local grocery store. Every Iron Vegan product is tested and maintained by flavour experts to ensure that whatever product you choose is a flavourful one, that they’re sure you’ll keep coming back for.

Whether you’re an athlete, a parent on the go, or just someone who doesn’t have time for meals, Iron Vegan is here to help. They have everything you might need from protein bars and recovery supplements to clean energy powder and superfood greens. Made with incredible and wholesome ingredients, you never have to worry about anything artificial with Iron Vegan.