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MUSO From Japan

No need to take a trip to Japan with MUSO From Japan products! Real Japanese Food brought to us in the North. From instant dashi stock powder to organic ramen, you can find all things Japanese from MUSO! 

Thirty years ago, Shuzo Okada had founded MUSO with the core values established in the principles of Macrobiotics, which Shuzo Okada had a vast understanding and experience with as before founding MUSO, he had been the director of the Shokuyo Shinsei-kai (Macrobiotic Association) in Osaka for well over 20 years, and he’s used his experience to produce items following this mission to maintain the natural integrity of food sources! By doing this, we are not only able to obtain nutrients, minerals and the like from the purest form of a food source, but it also is a main component to our planet’s overall health! Today, MUSO’s ongoing mission is to provide traditional Japanese foods and spices by using as many organic ingredients as possible! 



MUSO From Japan’s products are traditional Japanese foods made for the masses. Using as many organic ingredients as possible, where possible, MUSO From Japan focuses on maintaining the traditional taste of Japanese foods while being mindful of planetary health!