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Stonewall Kitchen

With great quality and great taste, Stonewall Kitchen is here to provide you with exceptional flavours you’ll want again and again!

Is it charcuterie season yet? Just kidding - charcuterie season is every season! You can get your boards ready with amazing Stonewall Kitchen products! 

About Stonewall Kitchen 

From the beginning, Jim Stott and Jonathan King were jacks of many trades! They set up their shop in the summer cottage of Jim’s family and spent countless hours putting in the work. They cooked, created hand-written labels, took photos, and sold products. Sometimes their whole family would jump in and offer a helping hand to support them! 

As years went on, Stonewall Kitchen has received 29 awards from the Speciality Food Association. They are now one of the most awarded specialty food businesses in America!

Stonewall Kitchen Products

Stonewall Kitchen products are only made using the best possible ingredients! They take pride and are firm about their standards of quality. Stonewall Kitchen is passionate about food, and that’s why they’re always on the lookout for newer and more exciting flavours for their products! 

From crackers to pestos, Stonewall Kitchen provides you with the best flavours made with the best ingredients!