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Who needs a snooze button when you can hit the day with a Jolt! Jolt's caffeinated protein bar is packed with plant-based protein and caffeine from green tea for a jitter-free boost. It's everything you love about energy bars, protein bars, and your morning cup of coffee--all in one delicious bar!

Meet the Jolt Bar – the love child of protein power and a caffeine kick that's about to redefine your snack game. This is not just a protein bar; it’s a caffeinated protein bar. 

Jolt didn't start in a fancy lab – it began in Safia's kitchen, where a passion for fitness collided with a craving for the perfect protein bar. As a certified fitness instructor for over ten years, Safia couldn’t find a protein bar that fit her lifestyle. As her life got busier, so did her need for a boost. And after countless trials and tweaks, Jolt’s caffeinated protein bar was born.

Crafted with a blend of plant-based protein from peas, rice, hemp, and nuts, each protein bar is infused with the power of green tea! No more coffee jitters – just a smooth, sustained energy flow to keep you going strong. Each bar packs a punch with 65 mg of caffeine, equivalent to a shot of espresso. Are you ready to hit the day with a Jolt!