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The Greater Goods Snacking Co.

The Greater Goods Snacking Co.

Don’t want to compromise on great taste and a healthy snack? The Greater Good’s got just the perfect thing for you with their delicious and nutritious snacks! Grain free and with no nonsense ingredients, just wholesome, real snacks that you and your loved ones can indulge in!.

Not one for compromise, founder and mother Sujatha Duvvuri didn’t want to choose between unhealthy yet craveable snacks and bland but healthy snacks, and so with her entrepreneurial spirit, she created her own line of biscottis, cookies and crackers that had the best of both worlds; the amazing taste and made with nothing but the best and healthiest ingredients! And thus The Greater Goods Snacking Co. was founded! Sujatha’s delicious, grain free and plant based recipes didn’t involve any gluten or dairy in it, and were handcrafted with wholesome and organic ingredients. The Greater Goods was created for real families who wanted to enjoy and get nourishment from their food and snack choices, and they strive to make the world a better place by empowering and employing women globally. With simple recipes and ingredients, and a memorable taste and texture, these greater-for-you snacks are the perfect thing that the whole family can feel great about!    


The Greater Good Snacking Co.’s products are made with wholesome, organic ingredients and are handcrafted from grain free and plant based recipes! Grain and dairy free, and with no artificial additives, these snacks are the best feel good treat that you and your loved ones can enjoy any time of the day!