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Are you ready for a drink that's yum yum in your little ones' tum tum? TIM TAM TUMMY is bring the first-ever kid's kombucha! Made with 5 ingredients or less and packed with billions of probiotics and vitamin C, a sip a day helps to keep the playground woes away!

Say goodbye to boring juice boxes and hello to the next-level sipper that's turning the playground upside down–TIM TAM TUMMY’s Kids' Kombucha! 

TIM TAM TUMMY took the leap where no kid-friendly drink has gone before–a functional beverage that’s specially crafted for kids! Made with love and as many ingredients as your kiddo can count on one hand, TIM TAM TUMMY is lunchbox-ready and shelf-stable. Organic, super tasty, and positively good for kids, these tiny but mighty cans pack a punch!

Each TIM TAM TUMMY delivers a daily dose of superfruit vitamin C + billions of live probiotics – the dream team for supporting digestive and immune health in your little ones for a happy, healthy tum-tum!