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Healthy Hippo

Healthy Hippo’s founder, Ashley, grew up with a sweet tooth, a plant-based diet, and a passion for following in her mother’s footsteps. As a child, Ashley watched her mother innovate vegan recipes that we’re both good for you and flavourful. Inspired by her mother’s work and her passion for candy, Ashley followed suit and developed confectionery products that are better for you without compromising flavour creating what is now known as Healthy Hippo. At Healthy Hippo, our mission is to upgrade the old with the good while maintaining its authentic flavour! We focus on quality and ensure that all of our products are free of artificial ingredients, GMOs, carrageenans, and anything that could affect your health. We keep our healthy gummies vegan and kosher-friendly for everyone to enjoy. And, with our thoughtfully formulated recipes, you’ll always get a generous dose of fibre as well! At Healthy Hippo, we work to make candy healthy enough to eat and delicious enough to never want to stop eating it! With Healthy Hippo, an untamed sweet tooth is a thing of the past!