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Mi casa, su casa, Peacasa’s all about sharing the love of their favorite chickpea snacks in every casa around the world! These wholesomely made, perfectly seasoned vegan chips are dominating the healthy snacking game. It’s time to join the adventure of making chickpeas into the best snack everywhere!

Peacasa founders Victor and Aaron had led different lives before they met. Victor grew up in Ontario and the South of France, and always had a dream to bring Mediterranean cuisine to Canada. Andrew was an experimental cook that grew up in busy Toronto recreating his favorite snacks in a healthier way. When they met in university, they decided to go on a trip to the Mediterranean where they both realized their passions aligned when Victor introduced Aaron to a traditional snack enjoyed for centuries in the Mediterranean; a crepe made from chickpeas and olive oil called “Socca”.

And when they’d come back to Canada, Victor and Aaron decided to bring this delicious chickpea snack into chips, and spent a year perfecting their recipe and selling them in food fairs in Toronto, where their snack started to gain traction. After being told from chip manufacturers that they couldn’t produce chips without all these different additives and ingredients, Victor and Aaron, undeterred to make their vision grow, decided to open up their own chip manufacturing plant to keep their product as true as possible. Years of hard work and determination later, Peacasa is rising in the healthy snacks game and making its place in snack drawers everywhere!


With wholesome ingredients and inspired by a simple recipe, Peacasa’s high protein chickpea chips are a light and crispy indulgent that anyone can enjoy! Gluten and grain free, these vegan snacks are the perfect, healthier alternative to have when you’ve got a case of the munchies!