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Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks Ingredients all began with two U.S. navy veterans and their desire to peak your nutrition. Passionate about health and fitness nutrition, our two founders understood the importance of protein for peak performance and wanted to revolutionize protein consumption completely. Familiar with the industry, our founders saw an opportunity to make a positive impact through better snacking. Soon enough, the two joined forces and changed the snacking game forever! At Twin Peaks Ingredients, our mission is to boost your health through high-protein snacks. We created high-quality, high-protein snacks that taste great and are keto-friendly, gluten-free, and full of nutrients. We only use natural ingredients and no nuts or soy products to make our snacks enjoyable for everyone! Packed with performance-boosting branch chain amino acids, our healthy snacks are your best source for guilt-free and high-protein snacks that taste great and do great. With Twin Peaks Ingredients, you can improve your quality of life and effortlessly meet your protein goals. With Twin Peaks Ingredients high-protein and low-carb snacks, you’ll be able to push your health to the peak!