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On the hunt for authentic teas but don’t know where to start? Look no further than VAHDAM India, who’ve done the work for you! Cultivating teas and spices around the country straight from the farm, right into biodegradable tea pouches because we all love ourselves a good tea time!

Come join us at high tea with VAHDAM India’s authentic, straight from the source teas! Made from a great, young mind who noticed great gaps in the tea market, founder and CEO Bala Sarda decided, coming from an 80 year linage in the tea industry, that he would make farm-fresh teas available to consumers globally. Thus, VAHDAM India was born! These aromatic, exotic teas are handpicked straight from the source, and it hits all the right spots on a cool day, warming you up from the inside out! And it’ll warm you more to know that by VAHDAM India hanpicking their authentic ingredients straight from the source, they’re also empowering farms and farmers from around the region to provide both better wages and a better quality of life!



VADHAM India’s plant based teas are packaged in high quality, biodegradable pyramid tea bags that allow for the long leaves of their teas unfurl fully, allowing every inch to give a full bodied, rich taste! Enjoy all your favorite teas in the best way possible!