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Way Better Snacks

Way Better Snacks

Way Better Snacks believes in a holisitc approach to snacking. They use seeds, grains and beans that have been sprouted to give you maximum health benefits and the best crunch for you r chips! Non-GMO, gluten-free, and kid-friendly, Way Better Sancks are simply way better. 

Now sprouting, er, we mean, introducing, Way Better Snacks! And Way Better Snacks is just that; way better. Their line of gluten-free whole grain tortilla chips will have you stocking up your pantry. Their simple, yet distinctive chip flavours will make your snack time, a real treat. Way Better Snacks believe in a holistic approach to snacking, and they’re proving it too.

By ‘sprouting’ their seeds, grains, and beans before making their snacks, they are ensuring maximum health benefits and crunch! Sprouting is a method of soaking the seeds, beans, and grains until they ‘sprout’. This process removes the protective coating and promotes easy digestion when they add these natural plants back into their snacks.

You won’t be able to stop at just one, or two, or even three bites of these snacks, they’re that craveable (and crunchy too!). These snacks are non-GMO, kid-friendly and made with simple, easy-to-read ingredients. With a wide variety of chip flavours like; Sweet Potato, Sweet Chili, and Avocado Ranch, you will never get bored! And it doesn’t stop there. Try your hand at creating innovative and delicious recipes that star some of these snacks. If you can’t wait to get your hands on some Way Better Snacks, you won’t have to! They’re already here.