Cerebelly Organic Smart Bar With Brain-Supporting Nutrients Sweet Potato Blueberry Banana, 5 Bars

Why You’ll Love It

You are what you eat, so why not be smart? Cerebelly’s Smart Bars are the smartest snack around! These organic toddler oat bars contain a whopping 16 brain-supporting nutrients, that have all been carefully selected to support your child's optimal nutrition for their brain development. Folate, magnesium, selenium, and plant-based DHA oil are just a few of the brilliant ingredients that they’ve packed into each brain food snack bar. These nutrients team up to give your child's developing brain the supercharged support it needs during those crucial, oh-so-exciting stages of growth.

With no added sugar, these oat bars are so tasty, your little one won't even suspect they're munching on brain-boosting goodness. Loaded with real fruits and veggies like sweet potato, blueberry, and banana, it's like a covert operation in their lunchbox, sneaking in nutrients with every bite! 


Organic oats, Organic sweet potato, Organic sunflower seed butter, Organic crushed dates, Organic nutrient blend (organic tapioca fibre, nutrients derived from [chlorella, kelp, pumpkin seed, spinach, sunflower seed, maitake mushroom]), Organic tapioca fibre, Organic pumpkin seed protein, ORganic blueberries, Organic amaranth, Organic banana, Organic natural flavours, Organic lemon juice concentrate, Sea salt, DHA algal oil

Made in a facility that processes gluten, dairy, eggs, and soy