Pretty Ugly Upcycled Salsa Medium, 375ml
Pretty Ugly Upcycled Salsa Medium, 375ml

Pretty Ugly Upcycled Salsa Medium, 375ml

Why You’ll Love It
Forget about bland, mass-produced jarred salsas made from canned tomatoes, Pretty Ugly uses veggies and produce that don’t quite fit the grocery stores’ beauty standards to make a bold and flavourful medium salsa. They might be a little wonky, a tad misshapen, but boy, do they pack a punch of taste! With 95% upcycled ingredients, Pretty Ugly’s salsa is bursting with personality and flavour that'll make you want to salsa all night long. Because you're not just dipping into salsa – you're dipping into a movement. A movement that celebrates uniqueness and sustainability all in one glorious scoop. So why settle for just a pretty good salsa, when you can have Pretty Ugly salsa?

tomatoes, White onions, Green bell peppers, Garlic, Vinegar, Sugar, Jalapeno, Salt, Citric acid, Coriander, Spices, Dehydrated vegetables (garlic), Xanthan gum*


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