Athletic Brewing Company Non-Alcoholic IPA Run Wild, 6 Cans

Why You’ll Love It

Get comfortable and get ready to crack into your new favourite vegan non-alcoholic beer of the year. Yes, we’re that confident that you’ll love Athletic Brewing Company Non-Alcoholic IPA Run Wild. This craft “beer” is made for the beer lovers in your life. Made with traditional beer ingredients like barley, hops, and yeast, but none of the alcohol. The perfect balance of citrus and pine that come together to make a non-alcoholic IPA worth savouring.

Athletic Brewing Company is making strides to perfect the non-alcoholic craft beer game. No more watery or tasteless beer here. They are on a mission to make the best tasting non-alcoholic beverages that never compromise when it comes to flavour and taste. To maximize the unique flavours of this IPA, Athletic Brewing Company recommends pairing this beer with burgers, pizza, and tacos. What are you waiting for? Start the year off right with a step up from your regular alcoholic beverages. You can thank us later.




* We cannot, unfortunately, guarantee safe delivery of this product to provinces other than Ontario and Quebec. Due to differences in air pressure and temperature during air transit / travel, there is no way to completely protect liquid containing products from the risk of freezing. If you live outside of ON or QC, please use your discretion if you still wish to order the product as we would not be able to compensate you in case the product freezes.

Water, Organic Vienna Malt, Malted Barley, Oats, Hops, Wheat, Yeast.
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