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From the beverage bros in their mother’s kitchen come this delicious, gut healthy, probiotic soda line; Cove Drinks! They strive to make healthy “easy” again with their delicious and nutritious drinks that promote gut health. Meet your gut BFF with Cove Drinks!
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Founded in 2016 by brothers John and Ryan Maclellan, Cove Drinks started in their mother's kitchen and took off across the Maritimes, before growing to new markets across Canada and becoming Canada’s fastest-growing gut healthy, functional drinks brand. Their passion for good health drinks and a positive lifestyle led them to create Cove Drinks. They’ve proudly taken this grassroots movement from their home province of Nova Scotia to every part of Canada. From the start, Cove Drink’s mission has been to produce healthy and delicious drinks in a fun and functional way - without sacrificing flavor. With delicious natural ingredients and a 100% carbon-neutral process from production through transportation, you can feel good about drinking Cove Drinks. Just as every batch is carefully crafted with love and devotion - so is everything else they do at Cove Drinks!


It’s time to change the beverage game with Cove drinks! Cove’s gut healthy, prebiotic and probiotic drinks are functional and delicious, plant based sodas that are both tasty and promote gut health for all! Sugar conscious, coloured and flavored by the yields of mother nature, Cove Drinks are a wholesome, feel good soda!