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Cha's Organics

Cha's Organics

Meet Cha’s Organics! They offer an assortment of vegan fair trade organic coconut creams and milks that are perfect for your various cooking needs!

What is Cha’s Organics? 

Cha’s Organics believes in practicing business standards that embrace principles focused on fair trade and organic agriculture. That’s why they offer their customers products that are not only delicious, but work to nourish your body! 

Cha’s Organic’s was established by Chanaka and Marise, who are passionate about diversity and the idea of staying true to your roots. They focus on using raw materials that are raised on organic farms, and have always been Fair Trade! This means that they provide the producers and growers of Cha’s Organics products with real advantages such as fair prices and pay! 

They focus on growing their crops in biodiverse gardens and without the use of chemicals that cause harm! Cha’s Organics is also a proud partner with Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society and donates 1% of all their coconut cream and milk sales to defend the wild elephants in Sri Lanka! 

Cha’s Organics Products

Cha’s Organics coconut milks and creams are organic and are great substitutes for your vegan or ketogenic diet! 

These milks and creams are smooth, creamy, and have no added sugar! Made with fresh fair trade ingredients, allows for these products to become your cooking favourites! They will make you go COCO-NUTS for their fresh and rich taste! 

Vegan whipping cream? Cha’s Organics has got your back! Plant-based coconut milk? Cha’s Organics is there to save the day! Oh what about keto coconut cream? Don’t worry, Cha’s Organics is around the corner to help you out!

So make sure your cooking ventures are always prepared with these plant-based milks and creams!