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Bar Harbor Clam Juice, 240ml

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No Artificial Ingredients

Locally Sourced

Made By Hand


When it comes to authentic Maine cooking, you can't go without Clam Juice – the perfect starter for chowders, bisques, soups, broths and more. Use our Clam Juice to add that extra bit of rich flavor when baking fish, or as a substitute for water in your favorite seafood, soup or chowder recipes. Bar Harbor® Clam Juice also works great as an ingredient in Bloody Marys, or, as we call them in Maine, Bloody Caesers. At Bar Harbor®, we make our clam juice from whole, premium clams, not leftovers or discards. We chop our juicy clams, then hand-filter them, so there's never any grit or sediment – just a pure, homogenous mix of great tasting clam juice, from clams harvested from the cold waters of the North Atlantic.


Bouillon of Clam, Salt.

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