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Sober Carpenter

Sober Carpenter is a non-alcoholic beer that tastes so good, you’ll forget it’s non-alcoholic! From hoppy IPA to ciders, Sober Carpenter offers a wide variety of go-to non-alcoholic beers for any occasion!

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Created by two brothers with a passion for beer, they had begun to experiment with creating their very own formula, using their parent’s basement, crafting and creating tirelessly as they perfected their own formula. Years had gone by, and with these two brothers having families of their own, they still held a torch to the flames of their passion for beers while their lifestyles had slowly begun to change for their families. Still wanting to be social but wanting to reduce their alcohol consumption, these two brothers decided to create a non-alcoholic beer that one could take and enjoy at parties without feeling left out of the fun, and thus Sober Carpenter came into existence!  



Sober Carpenter’s selection of non-alcoholic beers and ciders are the perfect go to beverage for any party that calls for a BYOB just without the B. With a few selections that are organic, plant based, and some even made with non-GMO ingredients, you have a variety to choose from for your next gala!