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Better Than Foods

Better Than Foods

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At Better Than Foods, we strive to make delicious, healthier alternatives to your favourite foods. We use 100% certified organic Konjac flour to make our healthy, ready-to-eat alternatives. From rice to ramen to noodles to international meals, our delicious range of Konjac products helps you to enjoy your favourite foods with fewer calories, carbs and more fibre and calcium! We keep our unique products free of gluten, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives and ready to eat in under one minute. We believe that healthy food should be convenient too, so we made ours so you can cook it instantly on the stove or even your microwave. We use a unique blend of ingredients to achieve great texture and flavour in all of our products, all while keeping it plant-based. Unlike other brands, with our konjac products, you won’t need to drain or rinse, simply heat it up and enjoy our line of paleo-friendly and low-glycemic-index products!