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Have a tough time getting those veggies in? Not anymore with SUBI; the easiest way to get in your daily serving of vegetables, vitamins and other nutrients!

Based in Vancouver, BC, SUBI doesn’t stick to one particular niche, they have products that do a little bit of everything. From supergreens, to all in one shake powders, to even collagen, SUBI’s got health in mind as they engineer every product they make, ensuring to use nothing but whole food, natural ingredients, as their belief is that nutrition should come from pure, whole food sources. Using harvests from all over the world, blended up into perfection to drop into your water, smoothies, and other beverages, SUBI’s ensures to pull out all of the water in their greens to leave each serving as concentrated as possible to give you the most out of each scoop! 



SUBI’s no sugar added supergreen powders and all in one shakes are the perfect thing to add to your daily diet. Whether you’re in search of getting more vegetables in your day or looking for an all in one solution for getting in those extra nutrients and vitamins, SUBI has got you covered!