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Wraps, Bread & Buns

Wraps, Bread & Buns

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Can you imagine giving up bread? We sure can’t, which is why we have searched near and far to create a diet-friendly collection of all our favourite healthy bread, buns and wraps! Thanks to our F.B.I. worthy investigation style, there’s no sandwich, wrap, burger or hot dog that we can’t have. From keto bread to vegan bread to gluten-free bread, all of our sandwich needs are 100% covered. We can either make our sandwich bread at home with one of the keto bread mixes or enjoy ready-to-eat gluten-free and vegan keto bread in a variety of delicious flavours. Whether you enjoy white, whole grain or a finely seasoned bread, wrap or bun, we’ve something for you! 

And, this time you won’t be getting left out of summer barbecue season! We’ve come prepared with gluten-free and vegan burger buns, and hot dog buns too! And, let’s not forget our gluten-free bagels too; we liked them so much that we put a ring on it! Our ready to eat buns, bread, bagels and wraps collection allows you to enjoy diet-friendly versions of classic foods without having to give up flavour. At Natura Market, we don’t trade flavour for health, we choose both instead. Our selection has everything you need from nutrients to flavour to texture, nothing is compromised. To wrap it up (pun intended), we’ve selected only the best bread, buns, and wraps brands and brought them online to Canada just for you! So, go ahead, and reunite with your one true love! 100% pleasure awaits!