Kitu Plant-Based Keto Coffee with Protein + MCT Oil Sweet Cream, 325ml

Why You’ll Love It

Rise and shine breakfast lovers! Meet Kitu coffee, a sweet and creamy latte that's completely plant-based and dairy-free! A ready-to-drink latte that’s made with MCT oil and packed with 10g of protein for a keto coffee that delivers the heavenly sweetness you love to wake up to and the sustained energy that you need. Plus, it has no added sugar so you can keep your sweet tooth satisfied without ruining your diet. It’s the ultimate way to start your day!



Please note, as this product naturally has a shorter shelf life, we can only guarantee that it will be delivered with no less than 15 days from its expiry as per our policy


Colombian Coffee (Water, Coffee), Pea Protein, Natural Flavour, MCT Oil, Potassium Phosphate, Monk Fruit Juice Concentrate, Calcium Carbonate, Organic Green Coffee Caffeine, Gellan Gum