YumEarth Organic Allergen-Friendly Halloween Lollipops, About 40 Pops

Why You’ll Love It

Prepare to get spooky with YumEarth's Organic Pops! Allergen / Classroom Friendly, these are made without any soy, eggs, dairy, fish, shellfish, peanuts, or treenuts! Made in a peanut / treenut free facility, and coloured with real fruit & vegetable juices, with no artificial dyes or high fructose corn syrup. On top of all of this, these are Vegan, Kosher, Certified Gluten-Free & Organic, and Non-GMO! About 40 individually wrapped lollipops (perfect for Halloween handout!), these come in 4 delicious assorted fruit flavours - Strawberry Smash, Very Very Cherry, Mango Tango, Wet Face Watermelon!

Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Brown Rice Syrup, Citric Acid, Ascobic Acid, Natural Flavors, Colored with Organic Concentrate (Carrot, Apple, Blackcurrant, Radish), Turmeric (Color).
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