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MadeGood all started with 3; Three siblings who love healthy food, three passions to do some good in the world, and three core values, inclusivity, sustainability, and high quality. At MadeGood we believe that healthy snacking is for everyone, so we made our healthy snacks safe and really delicious. Our healthy snacks are free from the most common allergens, organic, and full of nutrients from vegetables. At MadeGood, we bring goodness not only to your snack cabinet but also back into our planet by using only organic ingredients that are healthier and kinder to the earth. We thrive on being a Zero Waste, B Corporation that is committed to doing better for our planet each and every day. We hold ourselves and our products to the highest standards and only choose the best ingredients to put into our vegan snacks. We believe that great taste all comes down to quality, so it is our biggest priority to surpass our high-quality standards. At MadeGood, goodness is our passion. We put goodness into everything we do. Our snacks provide goodness for everyone and ensure that everyone feels welcomed and satisfied. Our healthy snacks bring goodness to every part of your life. And, once you taste the goodness, you won’t want to go back.