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Need an excuse to eat chocolate? Well, we’ve got one - Unreal! Unreal chocolate snacks have taken some of your favourite childhood chocolates and reinvented them using simple ingredients. Preservative free and made without any artificial flavours, Unreal chocolates are made from ethically sourced cocoa beans and other organic ingredients you can love. With up to 51% less sugar compared to other leading chocolate brands, Unreal is the healthy chocolate you’ve been looking for. Unreal chocolates are made with your health and the planet in mind - which is why they are made without corn syrups, gmo ingredients or chemical dyes. With delicious vegan chocolate and gluten free chocolate options available, you can enjoy a chocolatey treat while also sticking to your diet or lifestyle. Perfect for sharing, we guarantee a bag of Unreal chocolates won’t last long in your household. Taste the difference of quality, organic chocolates with Unreal's healthy chocolate snacks!