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Low Sodium

Are you looking to reduce your salt intake? Then no worries because we’ve created a go-to low sodium foods section just for you!
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Have you been looking left, right, and center for delicious foods that don’t have a heavy hand with salt? Then look no further because we’ve got exactly what you’ve been searching for!

What Is A Low Sodium Diet? 

A low sodium diet calls for you to reduce the amount of salt you intake when eating. This means that you would look for foods that have low salt content! 

Why Low Sodium?

You may choose to go on a low sodium diet to cut back on how much salt you’re having, or you might be instructed by a health care professional to do so. Some of the reasons a person may be directed towards a low sodium diet is because they have a medical condition such as high blood pressure, kidney disease, and heart failure. 

Some low sodium diet benefits include:

  • May help decrease the risk of cancer 
  • A potential decrease in high blood pressure 
  • Potentially reduce the risk of having a stroke 
  • May help decrease the risk of a heart attack 

Foods That Are High In Sodium:

Some foods that are typically higher in salt content include: Fast food, frozen meals, salty snacks, seasonings that are salt based, processed meat, specific types of drinks (ex: carbonated).

Low Sodium Foods:

Here are some foods that are considered lower in sodium: Beans and grains, frozen and fresh veggies, dried/fresh/frozen fruit, dairy products, healthy fats, nuts and seeds with no salt, and breads. 

Whether you’re just beginning your low sodium diet, are currently on one, or are just looking to add these options to your current meal plan, don’t sweat it! We’ve gathered a variety of products that are low SODI-YUMM just for you!