Checkout Issues

Is your website secure / Is my credit card safe?
We do not store credit card information on the website, and information is encrypted when going between our website and your internet browser via an SSL Certificate. Purchases are done via Paypal, or with your card through our secure external processing company!
Why is my credit card being declined? There are no issues with my card.
It is likely not being processed due to a mismatch between the billing address you have entered, and the one your bank has on file. It must be an exact match. If there is pending pre-authorizations on your card, but the order did not go through, these will disappear within 5 business days!
I cannot checkout, why isn’t my order going through?
The most common issue is the billing address. You should check if your billing address entered matches the one attached to the credit card exactly. Alternatively, click Read More for an exhaustive list of what you can try!
What do I do if my billing address is different from shipping?
Please uncheck the box on the Payments Page, stating to uncheck if your billing and shipping addresses are different. You will then get a new area to enter your billing address!
I cannot checkout, can I call and pay over the phone instead?
Please contact our customer support ( to troubleshoot, as we can only charge your card through the website.
Do you accept pre-paid credit cards? (Vanilla Visa/Mastercard)
Since there is no address associated with these cards, they usually will not work. You should attach the cards to your Paypal account, and try purchasing using Paypal.
Can I use my American (or other non-Canadian) credit card on your website?
Since there isn’t an option to enter a non-Canadian country as a billing address, they won’t work directly. Please create a Paypal account, add your non-Canadian credit card, and check out using this option.
Why can't I see the current promotional discount I am trying to take advantage of when I check my cart?
Please check that you have added the right amount, brand and flavour of the promotional item, and go to the Review & Payments page to see the discount in more detail. Coupon codes and Natura Cash need to be entered on the View Cart page before proceeding further for payment.
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