Product Inquiries

One of my items has arrived damaged / is missing! What do I do?
Please check within any packaging materials, and if it is still not found, contact our customer service at within 24 hours of receiving the order.
How can I return the product?
Please refer to our  Shipping & Returns page (link after Read More).
I received a restock reminder, but the product is still sold out!
The item likely sold out fast because it is very popular, and there were only a few added to inventory. Keep an eye out for another larger restock soon!
The product has a Red Flag on it. What does it mean / Can you ship outside of ON or QC?
The red flag warning means that due to cold temperatures, we can’t promise the safe delivery of this product outside of ON or QC. Please order these at your own discretion, as we wouldn’t be able to refund if freezing occurs.
I tried the product and did not like it, what should I do?
Please leave a review with your thoughts on the product on the product page, and refer to Shipping & Returns (link after Read More).
What is the expiry date on your products?
We guarantee no less than 30 days for most products, with 15 days guaranteed for snack food items. Items arriving outside of this policy can be sent with your order number and a photo to
Is my frozen Cauli’flour Foods pizza crust going to arrive spoiled?
No! Your pizza crust is in a BPA-Free, Microwave & Freezer Safe, vacuum sealed inner wrapping, and ingredients are minimal. These will be fine! Please freeze once your order is received and cook as per the instructions.
Will my frozen Siete Tortillas be fine in transit?
The tortillas are packed with a food safe ice pack / insulated bag to extend the shelf life, and will arrive defrosted and in good condition. Please freeze on arrival, or store in your fridge and cook with ASAP.
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