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PEAS remain calm because we’re here to provide you with various vegan foods and products for you to explore!
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You can finally put your worries to rest, as we’ve prepared a variety of Vegan products to make your Vegan journey 10x easier!

So what is Veganism?

So what does it really mean to be vegan? A vegan is someone who refrains from eating or using animal products! It differs from a vegetarian diet in the sense that vegans don’t just stop eating meat/fish, but they avoid all animal products like dairy, eggs, honey, meat, and fish! 

But why Veganism?

People choose veganism for a variety of reasons but some of those reasons include: to prevent animals from being exploited, personal preference, to help the environment, and to become healthier!

Benefits of Veganism

Some benefits associated with going vegan include:

  • Increased servings of fruits and vegetables
  • Can reduce the risk of heart disease 
  • May help with managing or losing weight 
  • Can assist in managing diabetes 
  • Improve the welfare of animals and the environment 

What not to eat on a Vegan Diet

Some foods you should stay away from on a vegan diet include: Meat, fish, eggs, honey, milk or dairy products, and products that contain animal-derived ingredients.

What can you eat on a Vegan Diet

Foods that you can eat while vegan include: Grains, beans, nuts, seeds, mushrooms, oils and vinegar, herbs and spices, condiments and sauces, fruits, vegetables, tofu (made from whole soybeans), beans, lentils, seitan (made of wheat flour), nuts, and seeds.

If you’re making the choice to go vegan, then we have PLANT-ty of vegan products that will make you forget about the foods you used to eat! We’ve got you covered with a variety of vegan foods for your convenience!