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Keep calm and PALEO on! That’s right, we’re here to make your Paleo journey as easy as possible! You won’t have to hunt for products, we’ve got them all in one place for you to discover!

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Hello everyone, we’re glad you’re here! This is the page for all things Paleo!

Now, what is Paleo?

What is a Paleo diet you may ask? Paleo dieting is about getting back to the basics! Taking a step back from processed, pre-packaged foods and stepping towards natural and unprocessed ingredients. 

The Paleo Diet is also known as the “Caveman” diet since the primary focus is on eating natural foods that would have been available to you before processed foods were introduced. 

So…why Paleo?

The main idea behind the paleo diet is that as humans, we consumed these foods for thousands of years. Our bodies have evolved to utilize this diet, so it’s about getting back to what our body is conditioned towards!

The Paleo diet is appealing to many because the primary focus isn’t on counting your calories or portion sizes. The main focus is on WHAT you eat and HOW your body responds to these foods! 

Are there Paleo benefits?

Some reported benefits of going on a Paleo diet include: Feeling more energized, having more clarity and mental alertness, supporting healthy blood glucose, balancing cholesterol, and helping lower blood pressure!

When the intake of highly processed foods is removed from your diet, it allows you to focus more on natural ingredients!

Natural Ingredients = More Fibre, Vitamins, & Minerals

What to eat on a Paleo Diet?

If your ancestors hunted it, you can consume it! 

On a Paleo diet you can eat: Meat (check for any off-limits preservatives), seafood, eggs, fruits & veggies, tree nuts & seeds, natural fats/oils (unrefined and unprocessed), herbs, spices, & seasonings, coffee & tea (no cream & sugar), and natural sweeteners.

Foods to avoid on Paleo

Here are some foods that you should stay away from while on a Paleo diet: Processed foods, grains, artificial sweeteners, soda, sugar, trans fats, legumes, certain dairy products, trans fat & margarine, and vegetable oils. 

Whatever your reason for going on a Paleo diet is, we have a variety of choices to make your transition as smooth as possible!