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Moooove on Dairy, we don’t need you in this category! This is a safe space for all things Dairy-Free!
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Welcome to the Dairy-Free diet page where Dairy is not welcomed! Don’t worry we have all the signs up, it can’t get in! 

What is a dairy-free diet anyways? 

A dairy-free diet means that you don’t eat any food containing dairy and/or dairy products!

But…why go dairy-free? 

You may choose to go on a dairy-free diet for a variety of reasons which can include:

  • You have a dairy allergy 
  • You have a dairy intolerance
  • You have a leaky gut
  • You have acne 
  • You want to lose weight 

Now you’re probably wondering, what can you eat on a dairy-free diet?

Some foods that you can eat on a dairy-free diet include:

  • Beverages: Dairy-free fresh/frozen/canned juices, coffee/tea, soy instant formula, soybean milk, nut-milks
  • Bread & Cereals: Dairy-free bread, pancakes, muffin, donuts, bread rolls, Ry-krisp, cereals.
  • Desserts: Dairy-free gelatins, angel/sponge cakes, cookies, pie crusts, puddings, meringues.
  • Fats: Dairy-free margarine, butter, and salad dressings. Animal and vegetable fats and oils, and coconut cream.
  • Fruit, Vegetables, Legumes & Pulses: All fruit, vegetables, legumes and pulses served without dairy products.
  • Meat, Fish, Poultry, Eggs: All except those prepared with dairy products or batters.
  • Potatoes, Rice, Pasta: Any made without dairy products.
  • Soups: Any made without dairy products.
  • Sweets: sugar, honey, molasses, syrup, jams, jellies, preserves, hard candies, marmalades, dairy-free commercial candies.
  • Miscellaneous: Dairy-free gravies, sauces, condiments (Yes, Mayo is Dairy-free), flavourings, spices, nuts, pickles, and butterless popcorn.

Are there any dairy foods to stay away from?

Food that are not safe to eat while on a dairy-free diet include:

  • Beverages: all beverages with dairy products (Milk, skim milk, buttermilk, cream, evaporated milk, condensed milk, whey, caseinate, casein, skim milk solids, lactalbumin, dry milk solids, lactose, non-fat dairy)  
  • Bread & Cereals: all bread, pancakes, muffin, donuts, bread rolls, Ry-krisp, cereals with dairy products
  • Cheese: all cheese products, including those made with soy.
  • Desserts: Any cake, cookie, pie crust, or prepared mixes made or brushed with dairy products. Bavarian creams/blancmange, nougat, pudding, yogurt, custards, junkets, mousse, ice cream, or sherbert.
  • Fats: Most butter and margarine. Curds Salad dressings with dairy products, cream, butter, margarine, or cheese. Sour cream.
  • Fruit, Vegetables, Legumes & Pulses: All fruit, vegetables, legumes and pulses served/prepared with dairy products.
  • Meat, Fish, Poultry, and Eggs: Commercially prepared meats containing dairy products, such as bologna, wieners, sausages, fritters, meatloaves or creamed dishes.
  • Potatoes, Rice, Pasta: Scalloped or mashed potatoes made with dairy products. Pasta with dairy products or a cream-based sauce.
  • Soups: Canned or dehydrated soups containing dairy-products. Cream soups, bisques and chowders made with dairy products.
  • Sweets: Candies, toffee, creamy candies, chocolate made with dairy products.
  • Miscellaneous: Gravies or sauces (such as Caramel) made with dairy products.

Can you still eat out if you’re dairy-free?

Sure you can! But of course there are going to be things to be cautious of/avoid. If you have any questions then always feel free to ask your server!

When eating out…

Avoid: hamburger patties (bread-crumbs may have dairy products), battered food, luncheon meats, hotdogs, sausages, sauteed and fried foods, sauces, gravies, and salad dressings (unless they are dairy-free), soups, cream-based sauces (like for pasta), and most desserts.

Choose: Plain meats without breading/batters, oil and vinegar salad dressings, foods with easily identifiable ingredients (i.e. you have no questions about how it was made, like a salad).   

Ask your server about:

Bread -- some recipes include dairy.

Vegetables -- Vegetables are often cooked in butter.

Desserts -- Don’t lose hope; there are plenty of desserts without dairy! 

Cross-contamination: If you have a severe dairy allergy, or are passionate about the dairy-free lifestyle, inform your server about your concern of cross-contamination.

Dairy-free doesn’t mean joy-free! You can still enjoy delicious foods that don’t contain any dairy! That’s why we’ve gathered a selection of products for you to explore!