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Healthy Crunch

Healthy Crunch

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Healthy Crunch was founded on the idea that eating whole, real food makes you feel good inside and out. And we believe them! All Healthy Crunch snacks are proudly made in Canada and with local ingredients. Everyone loves to snack and snack-away you should, but sometimes what we put into our bodies isn’t very nutritious. But with the wide variety of Healthy Crunch bars, jams, and nut butters, you will never have to doubt what you eat ever again!

Every Healthy Crunch product is plant-based, big 8 allergen-free, gluten-free, and vegan! With the addition of some products being keto certified, paleo certified, and kosher too. Wow! By being School Approved, Healthy Crunch makes it easier to pack healthy, nutritious, and allergen-free snacks into your child’s lunchbox. And we’re sure the kiddos will love the many flavours Healthy Crunch has to offer.

Are you ready to board the Healthy Crunch train? Choo choo! Because we are! And we love supporting a healthy and honest initiative like this one. Peruse our site to see what we’re raving about, you won’t be disappointed! Have a bite, or two, and enjoy the ride. Most importantly: HAPPY CRUNCHING!