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Healthy Crunch

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The inspiration for Healthy Crunch was drawn from a love of food, nutrition, snacking, and crunching! After years of struggling to find the perfect healthy and crunchy snack to fuel busy days, Julie, the founder of Healthy Crunch, decided to take matters into her own hands. As a knowledgeable Registered Dietitian and Chef, Julie knew that her snacks had to be crunchy, healthy, and delicious! So, Julie created gluten-free, vegan, and school-safe snacks with the ultimate crunch, now known as Healthy Crunch! From dairy-free granola bars to low-sugar crispy squares, Healthy Crunch has revolutionized healthy snacking. And, with one product came another, and shortly after came a line of instant lattes and crunchy nut-free seed butters. At Healthy Crunch, our mission is to provide you with real food that makes you glow inside and out. We take your favourite everyday foods, make them healthier and extra crunchy! Happy Crunching!