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Don’t WHOLE-back any longer because we have some great Whole30 products for you to choose from!
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WHOLED your horses! You didn’t know shopping for Whole30 foods could be this easy? Well we promise it is! 

But…what is Whole30?

So what is a Whole30 diet? The Whole30 diet is focused on eating whole and unprocessed foods for 30 days! This means that the focus is on increasing your intake of high-quality proteins, healthy fats, seeds, nuts, some fruits, and a lot of veggies! 

Okay, but why Whole30?

You can choose a Whole30 diet for a variety of reasons such as redefining your relationship with food. The Whole30 diet is not meant to be a permanent lifestyle choice and the focus is not on weight loss. Instead, this diet is focused on eating clean, minimal, and unprocessed natural foods for 30 days!

Some choose to begin a Whole30 diet to focus on cooking with less processed foods and use more natural ingredients. Others begin this diet to assist with digestive issues such as inflammation or a “leaky gut”. 

Instead of focusing on the scale, Whole30 is about shifting your eating habits by allowing yourself to experience the power of eating a nutrient-rich and unprocessed diet!

What to eat on Whole30

Here is a list of the foods that you can enjoy while on a Whole30 diet: Meat, seafood, eggs, fruits & veggies, tree nuts & seeds, natural fats/oils (unrefined + unprocessed), herbs + spices + seasonings, and coffee + tea (no cream or sugar).

Here is a list of lightly processed foods that you can include in your Whole30 diet: Green beans + sugar snap peas + snow peas (lightly processed veggies that are mostly in their natural state), 100% fruit juice not from concentrate, vinegar, extracts (with no alcohol), ghee (clarified butter), coconut aminos, and iodized salt.

Foods to avoid on Whole30

There are certain foods that you should try to avoid while on a Whole30 diet: Grains, legumes, dairy + all dairy products, refined vegetable oils, natural/artificial sugars & sweeteners, alcohol in any form, and common food additives. 

Whatever your decision for choosing a Whole30 diet is, we’re here to help with a variety of Whole30 products for you to choose from!