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At BUFF, we’re all about feeding on-the-go health conscious eaters! From athletes to families, we make meat snacks for those that value high quality, flavour, and nutritional value. We produce our meat snacks with Mother Nature in mind, and allow our bison to thrive on Canadian grass. We focus on every process involved in our healthy meat snack production, from the food we feed our bison to our packaging.

At BUFF, we work to provide high-quality meat sources for all to enjoy post-workout, or as a midday snack. Our dry meat snacks contain 100% Canadian bison, and no gluten or nitrates--just simple ingredients! Our dry meat snacks are keto and paleo-friendly, seasoned to perfection, and created with humanity and quality in mind. At BUFF, we look for opportunities to make the best product for your health, our animals, and our land. We are dedicated to doing what is best for our animals, our planet, and for you.

At BUFF, we’ll always “meat” and exceed your expectations!