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Farmer's Market Foods

Farmer's Market Foods

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It all started with a butternut squash, a pumpkin, and a love for agriculture. Founded over 16 years ago by a family of farmers, Farmer’s Market Foods has dedicated itself to growing and cultivating organic vegetables so that you can take home food that is good for you and for the world. At Farmer’s Market Foods, we are passionate about agriculture and good food. We keep our vegetables free from GMOs and organic at all times to maintain its flavour and integrity, and to make the world a better place. Our organic vegetable products contain only one simple and organic ingredient and if the recipe calls for it, a variety of organic spices. We let our organic vegetables shine in every product we make to create an unforgettable and delicious experience. Our mission at Farmer’s Market Foods is to grow organic food that you can’t buy anywhere else. We use our knowledge of agriculture and our passion for nutrition to make this experience possible. Our organic vegetables are so tasty, nutritious, and good for the planet, that you’ll look forward to eating them each and every day. With Farmer’s Market Foods, you too will develop a passion for organically grown vegetables.