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La Tortilla Factory

La Tortilla Factory

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At La Tortilla Factory, we keep healthy eating simple. Since 1977 our mission has been to support foodies and culinary communities everywhere by bringing better food to your table. Inspired by the health goals of founders Jose and Mary Tamayo and a love for Mexican flavours, La Tortilla Factory innovated the first low-carb tortilla and quickly followed with gluten-free tortillas, grain-free tortillas, and organic tortillas, earning the coveted spot of innovators in the tortilla industry. Our goal at La Tortilla Factory is to ensure that everyone is included in taco night. We continuously work towards our goal by strengthening our innovation and cleaning up our ingredients. At La Tortilla Factory, we provide tasty solutions for those in a pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. We avoid shortcuts that make producing tortillas easier and focus on using real ingredients. We choose better ingredients to make our tortillas better for you in every way: better tasting, better for your health, and better for all recipes. At La Tortilla Factory, we do better, because you deserve the best.