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What’s sweeter than some pudding for your puddin’? Pudding in the form of cookies! Magnolia Bakery’s banana pudding cookies will be just the thing for sweet tooths all around!

In the West Village, on a little cobblestone corner in 1996, the doors to a bakery swung open and what poured out was the sweet scent of cakes, puddings, pies, all kinds of baked goods that had people gravitating towards it, towards the bakery called Magnolia Bakery! While their opening was a small one, as more time went on, Magnolia Bakery had received more and more notoriety for their sweet bakes that had people clambering for more, soon becoming one of those places that you just had to visit if you were down in the West Village! And years later, they expanded more and more, though with the ever increasing fame of their goods, a few things will always remain the same: a smidge of buttercream makes everything a bit sweeter, always open early and close late, and no matter what, Magnolia Bakery strives to make every day a sweeter day than the day before.



Magnolia Bakery’s banana pudding cookies are cookies so sweet, you can gift them to your pudding! Kosher friendly and absolutely delicious, now you and your sweetheart and other family members of course, can enjoy a simple pleasure, a sweet treat to share!